Affects of the legend Muhammad Ali

when u think about an athlete who had a huge influence by expressing his thoughts verbally. You wouldn’t dare forget too mention The greastest boxer of all-time and social activist Muhammad ali  (Cassius Clay). one of many taskes in leadership is to be confident.  Muhammad sense of leadership is about confidence which was affective in sport society and social society.

Joie de Mohamed Ali (USA) – Championnat du Monde 1976 – 24.05.1976 

Muhammad Ali is know as a legend in the sport of boxing . He ended his career with 56 wins ( 37 KOs) and 5 losses. he’s considered has a legend because he changed the style of the boxing game. Until Muhammad Ali, heavyweights were not expected to move quickly. At his peak, however, Ali was the fastest and arguably the most skillful heavyweight champion of all time. He danced around the ring with his arms sometimes dangling at his side, his legs ready to take him into punching range or out of harm’s way at will. Those kind of abilities that he had made him terrific.

A leadership trait that Muhammad Ali had in his soul was the effectiveness of communication. Muhammad used a method that Grabbed people attention, which is  the »trash talk » method. Ali had a message of black pride and vehement resistance to white supremacy. Embedded with his Islamic teachings, Ali was publicly outspoken and unapologetic in his beliefs on race. He opened the door for many black athletes to be able to express their beliefs today.

Another trait that Ali showed was engagement.  after retirement, Ali was constantly fighting to make the world a better place. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1984, he created the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center in Phoenix, Arizona. The center helps to raise awareness and funds for the disease that affects up to 10 million people worldwide. He went on a « goodwill tour » to make an impact abroad. It included delivering $1.2 million in medical aid to Cuba and delivering food and supplies to children in Mexico and various African countries.

Without a doubt, Ali’s phenomenal athleticism and activism solidified his place in history as « The Greatest. »

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  1. Hi Fodé,

    First off, I really enjoyed your post. You’ve written awesome post that encourages and proves the importance of athletes in our society as they don’t get the recognition they deserve. This is great read to give anyone motivation to do great things in life.

    I completely agree with the traits you’ve shared to describe Muhammad Ali’s greatness. Communication is arguably the most important trait a leader needs, without communication one cannot understand another. Additionally, engagement is important because it makes you more relatable and encourages those who follow you to that you care and that their importance.

    Although I agree with you, I feel you had a miss opportunity in not putting more traits. For example, his motivation and passion to be the best boxer of all time or his ability to inspire those around him.

    I’m looking forward to your next article.

    PS: Have someone proofread your work next time.

  2. Hey there my good friend,

    I very much enjoyed reading your article/blog and your strong opinions about Mohamed Ali, he’s always been a legend and one of the bests in my book and I’m sure many people share that same opinions on him as you and me. It’s incredible how he managed to prove thousands and even millions wrong when it came to statistics about fighters in his weight division about being too slow on punching and movement. What I like more about him that I’m not sure you mentioned in your blog but shows the true character behind the boxing gloves is the fact that around the time of the war in Vietnam he was thrown in jail for refusing to join in a war where black people were getting no respect for their service while they were also not getting any respect in their own country. Even imprisoned, he stood by what he believed in and it is that that made him such an inspirational leader.

  3. Salut Fodé,
    Je viens juste de lire ton lire ton article de blogue, et je l’ai vraiment apprécié. Il est de nul doute qu’une légende tel que Muhammad Ali est un leader, et je trouve que tu l’as très bien démontré dans ton article.
    Premièrement, j’ai beaucoup aimé la façon dont tu as énuméré les caractéristiques qui définissent Muhammad. Par exemple, tout fan de boxe ou même de sport qui se doit, doit savoir que Muhammad parlait beaucoup, par contre je ne crois pas qu’avoir une grande gueule est une qualité appréciée chez un leader. Mais quand même, je trouve que parler autant, va surement améliorer ses qualités de communication.
    Aussi, j’ai aimé la partie où tu as parlé de la maladie de parkinson et comment elle a touché Ali, m’ai ça aurait été bien que tu ajoutes une petite description de la maladie, car j’avais oublié à quoi consiste la maladie de Parkinson, et j’ai dû faire ma petite recherche sur Google.
    En somme, je trouve que ton blogue était bon, mais que tu aurais pu lui ajouter un peu « d’assaisonnement » pour le rendre plus proche de la perfection.

  4. Fodé Touré, l’article est génial! Ton article m’a montré qui est Mohammed Ali et qu’est-ce qu’il a de spécial. Je savais que Mohammed Ali était toujours considéré comme un leader, mais je ne savais pas pourquoi. J’ai appris plein de nouvelles choses sur Mohammed Ali et pourquoi il est un très bon leader. J’ai appris qu’en tant que leader Muhammad Ali communiquait à tous d’une façon efficace, qu’il utilisait une méthode attirante qui capte l’attention des gens, comme le trash talk. Aussi, tu nous dis qu’il est fier d’être noir, même lorsque qu’il était victime de racisme, cela nous démontre qu’il était un homme courageux, et le courage est une qualité de leader. À cause de son honnêteté sur ces croyances, tu nous dis, qu’il a influencé de nombreux athlètes noirs pour qu’ils puissent exprimer leurs croyances aujourd’hui, alors là tu nous prouves que Mohammed Ali est un vrai leader parce qu’il inspire les autres à faire ce qui est bien. Ton article est super et j’ai beaucoup retenu, mais ce qui pourrait le rendre mieux, c’est peut-être que la prochaine fois, juste faire attention à ta grammaire, par exemple pour commencer une phrase il faudrait commencer avec une majuscule et non une minuscule. Si tu fais ça, je te dis maintenant que ton article sera encore mieux.

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