A musician leads the world to look in the mirror and make a change.

 The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, the best performing artist this world has seen. He is an artist, born in Indiana (USA), in 1958. Known worldwide, because of his voice, his attitude and his dance moves.

A leader is a person who helps, inspires and wants to complete his goals. Michael Jackson’s goal was to show people what his opinion of the world was, and what we can do about it. By expressing his feelings throughout his music, he has changed the perspective of the whole world. Michael Jackson showed people in what kind of world we live in. Which is a world of injustice, cruelty, racism, and discrimination. He said that the world needs to make a change and he was right. But shouldn’t that change start with Michael Jackson himself? If he didn’t, would he not be considered a hypocrite?

Michael Jackson is not a hypocrite. He does things to help the world, not for his fanbase, but because he cares. He has supported a lot of charities, in fact, he has been honored by the Guinness World Records in 2000, for supporting 39 charities worldwide. For example, he has supported the Boys and Girl Clubs, Ghandi Foundation for Children. Which is an organization, that get kids in their communities together, to show the values, and to show them that violence is not the answer because they already have the support of their community. 

Michael Jackson is inspiring. Through his music and his actions, he shows us that he is a great leader. Because he does things to make the world a better place and inspires everyone else to do the same.  

« If you want to make a world a better place take a look at yourself and then make a change. »

-Michael Jackson

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    1. Hi Mr. Matt,
      The current controversy surrounding Michael Jackson is a dispute between whether Michael Jackson is still a superstar with a good legacy or a bad one because of the accusations upon him for sexual child abuse undermined his reputation in the eyes of some people. For me, these accusations don’t change the fact that he’s still a leader to the eyes of the public, because the public is combined of the people who support Michael Jackson, but who also despise him. Some believe he really did commit these felonies, some don’t. So, it’s all the same because there are still two sides in the public, one who believes that he’s still a leader and one who thinks he’s not fit to be one. In the exact same article, you referred too, in the last few paragraphs it mentions what a music writer A. Harmony says about the situation.

      “The fact that Michael Jackson made « significant contributions » to the world of music will always be true. But these allegations are also a very large part of his legacy, and we have to learn to look at both — and accept both — of them, » she said.

      She says that we must look at the contributions he made in the music world, which is inspiring but also look at the fact that he probably did commit the felonies he’s being accused of. But everyone always loves one side of the story more than the other. Like I said before there are always two sides to the public, one that loves and the other one that hates. Most of the people still love Michael, and yes some people will always hate him. So, no I don’t think the current controversy changes the fact that he’s still a leader to the eyes of the public because most of the people still look up to him.

      Hope I answered your question, Mr. Matt!

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