Plot Perfect

Question: Analyze the plot of a well-known film or novel to show how it fits the Hero’s Journey and/or the standard character types presented by Herbie.

Every great movie follows a certain structure known as “The Hero’s Journey”. To get a sense of how this applies, I’ll be taking a look at one such great movie: Pitch Perfect.

1. Hero at rest

Our story starts with our hero, Beca Mitchell, on her first day at Barden University.

2. Call to action

At the Activities Fair, Beca ends up at an a cappella group’s booth; the Barden Bellas’. She meets Aubrey and Chloe, who try (but fail) to persuade Beca to audition.

From left to right: Beca, Aubrey, Chloe.

3. Reluctant Acceptance

Convinced by her dad’s proposal to join one club on campus, and a timely run-in with Chloe in the dorm showers, Beca decides to show up for auditions.

Beca kills the audition with her « Cup Song ».

4. Introduction to villain

We are officially introduced to our big bad, Aubrey Posen – a bossy control freak, and leader of the Bellas – at the Bellas’ initiation.

5. First Battle

The Bellas perform their usual snooze-fest at the ICCA semi-finals. Sensing the crowd’s boredom, Beca decides to improvise. Though Beca prevented them from truly losing face, Aubrey accuses her of sabotage.

6. Hero defeat

As the third place, the Barden Bellas can’t make it to finals. Having quit a now disbanded Bellas, Beca is alone.

Beca feeling lonely over the spring break. 🙁

7. Rebuild

With the help of sheer luck, the Bellas are reinstated for finals.

8. Second battle

Beca pleads with Aubrey; begging her to take her back as a Bella.

Fast-forward to 1:34.

9. Villain defeated

Aubrey accepts, relinquishing her position as leader to Beca. The Bellas are reborn.

The Bellas finding their sound – led by their new leader, Beca.

The reformed Bellas finally have what it takes to win nationals.

The momentous final performance showcases the Bellas with a new leader and (finally!) new song arrangements.

10. Hero returns changed by adventure

We find Beca and the Bellas six months later at auditions, as the most recent ICCA national winners.

Winners of the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella.

Pitch Perfect is but one great example of the Hero’s Journey. Can you think of others?

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  1. Hey Cat!
    Great article, I feel as if I just watched the movie but this time I didn’t fall asleep. LOL just kidding! I enjoyed that the cast was for the vast majority all female and that the story centered around friendship and talent instead of them fighting over a boy like a lot of other teen movies… Although that’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a good romcom. I’m curious to know… who’s your favourite character in Pitch Perfect?

    1. Hi Aimee!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my article! I too liked that the romance wasn’t super central to the plot, and that it focused on friendship and talent.

      As for my favourite character, it’s got to be Beca Mitchell. 🙂 She’s absolutely perfect in the first movie – I absolutely love her voice and all of her mixes. (I also think she’s super swag XD)


  2. Cat!
    i like the way u made your article, the video you put up is more explicit and very captivating. the story itself and is contant is interesting. it was really creative of you to make that creative article.

  3. Hey Cat!
    Great article! Though I’ve never actually been a huge fan of these movies, I love Fat Amy! You really gave a general idea of how well Pitch perfect fits into the hero’s journey. Now I wonder, in another article I read, the author had stated that, in their opinion, the typical hero’s journey makes the best movies as the message is conveyed very easily. What do you think?

  4. Hi Cathlin, I really feel like I just watched the whole movie, I like that you inserted videos into your article, it was very interesting to watch. Do you think that every movie should follow the hero’s journey, does it make the plot ideal in your opinion?

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