First Aide Moi !

Question : La formation premiers soins – devrait-elle être obligatoire pour tous les citoyens du Canada ?

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You are walking down your neighbourhood, going to the park where you are supposed to meet your girlfriend. You get there, spit out your minty gum, ready for your French kiss, but a voice stops you, hers, she’s crying for help, you run towards the sound of her voice and you find her on the ground, blood everywhere, she just got stabbed by a bandit who stole her purse. You instinctively call 911, then you look at her, your body won’t move anymore because you don’t know what to do. Emergency services are here, you’re in the ambulance with her, she tells you to come closer and she kisses you, and dies right after in your arms.

People die every day in Canada, and First-Aid training should be mandatory in our country, because this is the kind of situation people all around the world face every day, and if you really don’t care about people that you love, the government should. Come on now, everybody already knows the basics of First-Aid, this last decade, pulsations on a person’s chest and mouth to mouth have both become gimmicks, simply because everyone knows them. You already know the basics, and if First-Aid was a free mandatory training in Canada, I really think anyone would be happy to take the course. The government should impose First-Aid training in Canada, but meanwhile, let nobody die around you, go get your First-Aid training!

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  1. Hi Abdel,
    This was… very descriptive, and I must say your girlfriend’s last few moments were certainly movie-moment-type. Haha. I find the idea of First Aid becoming a mandatory course very interesting, especially if the government were to pay for it. Although I wonder if that will relieve the backlash that would undoubtedly come from many Canadians. As we know, people don’t like being told what to do even if it is for the best interest of our society. That said, how do you think the government should make this course accessible to everyone- through school, mandatory community meetings, etc?

  2. Hey Abdelmalek,
    I enjoyed reading your article…as Aimée said, very descriptive! However, I did find that you could have gone a little deeper into your opinion to prove your point rather than using an entire… very descriptive… paragraph to depict such an event. Though I did like that you were very straight forward with your opinion! You wrote your article in a way that was interesting and captivating to the reader. Though I wonder, why do you think certain people don’t want first aid to be mandatory, and what can the government change to make everyone happy while making it mandatory? Also, do you truly believe that first aid should be mandatory, or rather more easily accessible to simply make more citizens interested in training?

  3. Hi Abdel,

    I found your opening scenario a slight bit far-fetched, but hilarious nonetheless. That is one intense « bandit ». I guess in cases such as this, you might want to know at least the basics of first aid… instead of having your girlfriend die all over you on the ride to the hospital. If first aid training really were to become mandatory, how do you think the Canadian government would regulate it as an obligatory certification? And do you think any problems or negatives might arise from such a rigid enforcement? Perhaps loss of genuine interest in the art of saving lives?


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