The Predator (movie review)

Director: Shane Black 

Cast: Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Trembley, Keegan Michael Key, Olivia Munn, Jake Busey, Thomas Jane, Alfie Allen, Sterling K. Brown. 

Synopsis: In this 6th installment of the franchise, Boyd Holbrook stars as an elite military soldier, Quinn McKenna, who has an unfortunate run in with an alien creature (the predator) which causes his family to take possession of a dangerous device that the alien species do not want humanity, mankind, to have. This turn of events leads to a feud between the predators, the aliens, in the film which causes McKenna, the military officer, to team up with a new squad of ex-soldiers to keep his family safe and to secure the one predator’s gift to humanity. 

Quinn McKenna and his son

Review: It is an amazing film that is heavily inspired by Shane Black’s experience in the first movie, as an actor in the introduction to the franchise he understands both sides of a film from the director’s point of view as well as an acting fan. He brings in many references from previous movies that allow the viewer to have that amazing classic feel of nostalgia, but it is done in such a subtle way that it doesn’t confuse people who have never seen a film from this series so nobody is really missing out because the references do make sense to the story’s context and create meaning to new viewers. Exp.: As one of the rogue predator runs after McKenna and his new team after it escapes the lab, Nebraska says “get to the choppers” making reference to when then main character in the first film yells out “Go! Get to the chopper!”. 

A thing that this franchise does often in its movies including this one is portray an almost invincible hero who can outsmart and make a match to a killing machine that is supposed to know no equal, but he survives the inevitable basically because of plot armor. It is fun to see the character stay alive if he is your favorite but may seem unrealistic depending on the circumstance in the movie, but it is science fiction after all. 

One thing I don’t really like is that this film changes the original story behind the predator’s reasons for coming to earth and hunt. The original idea was that the predators hunt for sport and take the heads of their victims as trophies, knowing earth has many vast species they hunt here. In this film, they still hunt for sport and take the trophies, but it is elaborated that they claim the victims head and spinal column to collect human spinal fluid to use it to combine themselves with human DNA so that they can adapt to our planets climate change so that after global warming makes the earth uninhabitable for humans, they can claim the planet for themselves. This only really affects fans that have followed the franchise for a large period of time but changes nothing for a new viewer which to them would make sense if it would be their first film. 

In conclusion, The Predator is a very well-made film that has some very good acting from an amazing comedic cast that make the movie fun to watch for any viewer of age to watch the film. The action and visuals are superb and make the movie very nice and easy on the eyes. The all-around story behind the predator is a little different which might upset fans, but it does bring the story in a different direction we haven’t seen that might be interesting. However, it doesn’t change much, the film is still equally enjoyable and worth watching and possibly getting into the series. 

Auteur : Francis C.

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  1. Interesting take on the film, Francis. You definitely have a much different opinion on this film than most of the critics who’ve reviewed it. I wonder if most of the people who disliked this film just weren’t fans of the originals. With you being a die-hard fan of the Predator series, where would you say this film ranks among the others?

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