The spawning ground isn’t the only book with symbolism in it(spoilers ahead for hunger games)

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Not too long ago we finished reading the novel, the spawning ground, an amazing story witch we were able to find a bucket load of symbolism, I went to reread one of my favourite books, the hunger games. I’ve actually started to notice some pretty cool symbolism in there too.

One of the biggest things we know about Katniss is how close she is to the forest behind district 12. It’s where we bonded with her father, learned to hunt to feed her family after he died, meet Gale, ran away to when she needed to get away from the eye of the capital and more. The forest is her safe spot and home, that what it symbolizes to Katniss.

One thing I found interesting is how that the symbol from the woods comes back even when we’re no longer in district 12. The gaming arena, a place where two children from all districts must fight each other to the death till only one is left alive. This bloody arena symbolizes an execution to most districts and a chance for glory for a few others. For the 74th year of the hungers games, the arena was made to mimic a forest. A forest that look similar to the one behind Katniss house back in districts 12. During Katniss stay in the arena fighting for her life, while she felt fear, she also felt at ease when she was alone. Getting used to the arena since it reminded her so much of the one back home.

In Catching Fire the second book of the hunger games series, we witness Katniss suffering PTSD from her time in the games when she goes hunting in the forest. Imagining her killing another child instead of an animal she was going to feed her family. Her woods, that used to symbolism her safe space has now been turned into a terrible reminder of the people she’s killed and the horrifying scene she had to witness to survive.

I found it really interesting the arena went from only symbolizing an imminent death to symbolize a temporary home and how the woods Katniss considered a place where she could be free and safe has a place that now shows and reminds her of her nightmares and trauma.

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  1. Interesting thought on the Hunger Games books, Hibak!
    I wasn’t a huge fan of the first book when I read but I’m thinking that I might have to revisit it to find this interesting symbolism. You also spoke of multiple symbolisms in The Spawning Grounds, a book where the forest is also very prominent. Do you think that there are any similarities between what each of these forests represent in their books?

    1. Well, if I had to compare these forest to one another. I would say that the forest of the spawning ground is meant to be home to a multitude of animals, their safe space away from civilization, till civilization (like hunters and pollution) started bothering them and tainting their home.
      Kinda like how Katniss forest in district 12 represented home to her before the Capital messed it up.

  2. I loved your blog Hibak, I never really got that the forest from the games could have symbolized the forest back in district 12. speaking of similarities do you think that the relationships Katniss had during the series with Gale and Peeta could be similar to the ones in the book like with Gina and Jesse. And second since I’ve heard you and Tioshae talk about the Divergent series so much this year, do you think that their is some interesting symbolism in those books too?

  3. Hey Hibak,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog, I have never read a book of the Hunger Games, but I have watched the movies and they’re not bad (The first one is actually really good though). I feel like you are right about the symbolism of the forest. But at the same time, I feel like the forest can represent even more, maybe something like savage state, because remember, every human that goes in that forest is predestined to kill or to be killed. Do you agree?

  4. Hi Hibak,
    I did not really enjoy the first few pages of this novel and as you know, that is the reason why I did not complete it. However, I did read The Spawning Grounds and in your blog you talk about the arena’s and the woods’ significance changing for certain characters in The Hunger Games as the story unfolds. I would love to know if in your opinion, the same thing could be said for a charater in The Spawning Grounds, such as Jesse and his home town, or Hannah and the house. I wouls love to know your thoughts!!

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