Go get my soul! (Spoilers alert on Pulp Fiction)

Question: The novel The Spawning Grounds includes many examples of symbolism. Think of a symbol (object/animal with larger significance) from another book or film that you found interesting. Explain its meaning and its significance to you (why you think it’s memorable).


Pulp Fiction is a 1994 movie directed by Quentin Tarantino, it really doesn’t fit the Hero’s journey or even the standard character types presented in the workshop by Herbie. Whatever, there are many symbols that could be analysed in this movie but the most intriguing and interesting of them all by far is the briefcase.

This is a video is the ending of the movie and you should watch it if you have not watched the movie before and if you really want to understand what I am going to be talking about for the rest of this blog.

In my opinion, this briefcase contains Marcellus Wallace’s soul. That’s right, Marcellus has sold his soul to the devil to reach notoriety and richness beyond his dreams, and has sent his mercenaries Vincent and Jules to retrieve it. It might sound crazy but there are many proves of what I am saying in the movie.

  • There were many biblical references in the movie and they were not there without a reason.
  • The code to open the case is 666 which is the “devil’s number”.
  • There is also been some speculation about the devil taking people’s souls from the back of their heads, this being an explanation for Marcellus’s bandage at the back of his head.
  • This would also go to explain the fact that when one of the guys came out of the closet and tried to shoot Vincent and Jules, he missed all the shots from point blank range. Also, right after Jules killed this man, he said that it was a divine intervention, which leads him to quit the job of mercenary for a more peaceful life.
Tries to kill Vincent and Jules form point-blank range.
Two seconds later…
  • He is so moved about what had happened and his new perspective on life that he tells the couple that attempt to rob him on the last scene that he wants to help them. He goes so far as to give them all the money in his wallet, a whopping 15 hundred dollars. He even tells them he wasn’t only buying the money, but he was buying their souls so he does not have to kill them.
He decides not to kill him and to let him and his honey bunny go.

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