Butterfly effect

It is often said that spirit animals refer to an animal that you share characteristics with. So, in a completely random draw during class, I got a butterfly as my spirit animal. At first, I wasn’t sure as to how I could be similar to one but, after I gave it a second and actually thought about it, it came to me that I have a fair amount of similarities.

Ok, first things first, the title may seem misleading as you might think I’ll be talking about the literal definition of the « Butterfly Effect » and how it links to me.

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The Butterfly Effect

SPOILER ALERT, I’m not! The sense in which I used that title is to talk about how I affect others because of my spirit animal or the effect that it has on me, in terms of its characteristics. Plus, I also used it because it just sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Now that we have that out of the way, I can talk about how the butterfly is my spirit animal. So, one of the ways is that I can do stuff alone pretty efficiently. Like how butterflies pollinate alone, I can and prefer to do many things on my own and can get them done rather quickly.

Another reason is that butterflies are simply beautiful! That may sound narcissistic of me but I mean it as inner beauty and that I have a very kind and gentle soul. BUT, if you want to, you could also consider their elaborate wing patterns as my outer beauty ;). But that’s not the point!

Oh, and if you wanted to see their ever-so-lovely patterns, here are some pics!

Ahhhhh, aren’t they just the most beautiful creatures on earth? Jokes aside, I would say the last reason as to why I relate to them is because of how creative I can be sometimes. Another way of interpreting their diverse patterns is to link them to my distinct style of thinking. I can be very focused and stay on point but I can also go in-depth into describing something and start going into tangents. You could say that those tangents match the complex and intricate patterns.

Well, that’s it from me! I hope you understood more about how my spirit animal is a butterfly and how I absolutely love them! Bye!

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