Nithusan And The Chipmunks

We all at one point decided that we would like a spirit animal to represent us, it might be the animal you like the most, the animal you think looks the coolest or the animal you think you can connect the most with. Well, how would you feel getting assigned an animal to represent you?

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Eastern Chipmunk – Food Storage Busy Body | Eastern chipmunk, Chipmunks, Mammals

Eastern Chipmunk, a rodent the size of a bowling pin. Eastern chipmunks are the only species left that are descendants of Tamias, a subgenus of chipmunks. Eastern Chipmunks are around 30cm in length. They are fairly brownish with a tint of red consisting in its fur. They all also have a distinguishing long brown stripe running from its back. Unlike its brothers, eastern chipmunks weren’t blessed with as many teeth.

At first, the idea of myself to a chipmunk was rather crazy at first but as i did my research, I found out we have many things in common.

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Eastern chipmunk – Facts, Diet, Habitat & Pictures on

Eastern chipmunks are mainly inhabited in forests and urban parks. The environment has a big importance in my life, just like the eastern chipmunks. Being outdoors helps me wind down after a long day or relieve stress. Right outside my home area there is a big forest with a path where joggers, runners, bikers or even casual strollers could experience the beauty of nature. I tend to go on long walks when I can but am currently being limited cause of the pandemic.

Hibernation is a big part of many animals, especially for these tiny rodents. They will gather hoards lots of food before scurrying into slumber for the duration of winter. Hibernation is a big part of me… well sort of. Sometimes, it is needed for me to take a long break from certain things, hibernation as I would like to call it. I would usually refrain myself from doing certain things like going on the internet but sometimes I could be inconsistent and fail out of temptation or boredom. This is also common for eastern chipmunks, they are very inconsistent when its comes to hibernation. Some are dormant throughout the entire winter but a few of them would choose to actively do things apart from sleeping.

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The chipmunk that just doesn’t sleep. Nature’s Way. Normally not seen in winter, this Eastern Chipmunk is making regular appearances to gather cracked corn.

Its main diet is made out of eating nuts, acorn, seeds, mushrooms, fruits and berries. Aside from the acorn and seeds, these are things that may enjoy eating. What more can I say!

Last thing that I can truly relate with this animal is its size. Compared to other mammals or rodents, the eastern chipmunk is noticeably smaller. I can say the same thing about myself compared to my peers with my height.

I can really say that this work surprised me as i would of never taught that i can connect myself with a chipmunk as much as this.

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