Parker AWOOOuellette

How would one such as myself compare to the intricate wolf? After a bit of reflecting and research, I found that there are many characteristics that I share with a wolf from a social standpoint. It is common knowledge that wolves are by nature animals that prefer to travel in groups and have strong emotional bonds with said group, I find that I share that same quality as I tend to keep a group of people close to me as opposed to just one person or to be alone. I’ve been close with a group of friends for over four years now and we continue to share knowledge and experiences to this day. With wolves there are rare occasions where they would prefer to go off on their own and pursue their own path and figure things out for themselves, this behavior from wolves prompted the existence of the term « a lone wolf ». I feel as if sometimes I could use some time by myself to properly establish what is going on around me and plan out how I am going to tackle it. At the end of the day, I still stay true to the « pack lifestyle » as it ultimately provides the most comfort for me.

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