I’m just a bat, man!

When you think about your spirit animal, you think about an animal that YOU chose to represent yourself, an animal that YOU think has similarities to yourself, an animal that YOU relate to on a personal level. The idea of having a spirit animal is usually based on your own ideology of who you are as a person and who you think you could be on the inside. Now, what if that animal was assigned to you, that animal was given to you and it was your purpose in life to figure out why?…how?… what connects to this animal? It could be out of pure curiosity or it could even be a lifelong goal. When the teacher assigned us our animals and told us to find out how that animal “was us” and find out how similar we were to it, I got completely thrown off track from my original plan. I had originally planned on picking out an animal, based on attributes I could list off of the top of my head, I was definitely not expecting to have an animal assigned to me. But literally seconds after having heard what my animal was, I could already see it, I could see myself in this animal, I could already list off three attributes that I shared with it. And what is that animal you may ask? It’s the bat 😀

Image from : https://www.outdoors.org/articles/amc-outdoors/junior-naturalist-4-cool-facts-about-bats-and-1-scary-one

The moment I heard Madame De Fenoyl utter the word bat, my brain flickered and the thought of three main attributes popped in my head: our shared bad eyesight, our special hearing and finally loving and living in the dark. And while these were just the attributes, I could think of at the moment I knew I would find more with enough research, so that’s what I did.

One of the first things that I was able to find was that, contrary to popular beliefs, bats aren’t actually blind, they just have eyes that are extremely sensitive, that they can only be used in special cases. While my eyes aren’t technically special or anything, I know for a fact that we both share the same trouble of not being able to see properly and having to use some other way to “see” clearer.

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As most of you may or may not know, bats are nocturnal creatures. They’re creatures of the night that hunt and stay active only when it’s completely dark. I relate to this attribute found in bats the most since, even though I know it isn’t healthy, I always find myself awake till 3 or even 4 am on most days (I’m quite literally polishing this at 2 am right now even though I finished this already). I always do my best work when it’s completely dark and completely silent, I would often find myself finishing work that would require days in the matter of hours just because it is extremely late. It’s almost like I turn into a different person, like if I channeled my inner bat and activating some kind of nocturnal ability that allows me to hyper fixate on something during this time of day. I also find it extremely easy for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, it could be pitch black and I would still be able to see my surroundings.

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Another fact that you all probably already know is that bats sleep and hibernate upside down, which I find rather funny considering I always sleep in the most crazy and outlandish positions and even sometimes end up upside down by the time I wake up! XD

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Finally, one of the weirdest fun facts I found about bats was that they have weird looking feet,


while that isn’t something I relate to or have myself, I do have some messed up feet and walk in a very weird fashion (kind of like a penguin, very open if that makes sense)

While bats always seem to get a bad reputation, get called creepy, scary, disgusting, ugly and all kinds of things, they are actually wonderful creatures that have a side that not many actually see, or even attempt seeing. I think the same goes for me to be honest, I may look odd and seem like someone who isn’t necessarily important, but that doesn’t mean it’s true!

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I do be a bat though 😛

Danny El-Tannir

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