The God of Restoration

You’d be right to assume the Godzilla franchise can be over the top and silly at times because it is. He has so many movies now, that it feels like the franchise lost the essence of what made Godzilla truly great. After all, he was created from the despair and fear that overcame Japan post-WWII after the bombs dropped. However, to this day, we sometimes get more serious movies that bring to light some conversation-starting themes and possess thoughtful symbolism. One such movie is going to be the topic of my post today. It’s one of three in a trilogy, and although all of them fit the criteria above, this movie stands out, as it introduces a 300m tall Godzilla, on an Earth long abandoned by humans. You’ll see why I mentioned the latter fact in a bit.

In « Godzilla: Planet of The Monsters », humans are forced to evacuate Earth to escape the monster’s unstoppable power. They do so in a giant space station that carried a lot of humans. After a long (and I mean LONG) search, the governors conclude that they have two choices: either continue to look for habitable planets or return to the only one they know for sure exists, Earth. Obvious choice is obvious because, in the GODZILLA movie, they take the risk of returning to their home planet, not even sure if Godzilla is still there or if the planet is even habitable.

To answer those two questions: yes, Godzilla’s still there, and the Earth is still kind of habitable. They discover that over time, the flora and fauna have adapted to live alongside Godzilla, and new creatures have surfaced, resembling the monster, but most of them are only slightly taller than humans. Plants have developed to have scales similar to Godzilla’s, which are razor-sharp and very dangerous. This all brings me to the main topic of discussion: the perseverance of nature and its ability to adapt to its environment. How would the world turn out if humans had no influence on it, and what things would change? Would the ecosystem somehow shift to begin depending on a single species as it did in this movie? Will the presence of pre-existing human structures affect the development of plants forever? Here, it seems like the God of Destruction has ironically healed a lot of the ecosystem… I guess you could say, he’s more like the God of Restoration??? Eh? No? Okay… Anyway, a good movie is sometimes one that provokes thought about its themes, and Godzilla: Planet of The Monsters does just that.

(Concept art from TOHO’s animation studio depicting humans exploring the new forests.)

While most movies that depict nature taking over simply show us buildings overrun by leaves and vines, this Godzilla movie shows us new species of plants and animals and the effects Godzilla had on the ecosystem. As ridiculous as it sounds, it’s one of the most realistic, if not in-depth depictions of nature’s unpredictability and it’s way more interesting than most generic post-apocalyptic movies, which is why I enjoy it so much. Oh, and Godzilla is SUPER BIG in this one. But yeah, nature’s pretty cool too, I guess…

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  1. Really enjoyed this, it felt different compared to the others blogs I’ve read on the same topic, so kudos. The film you chose is also a bonus for me seeing as I’ve heard about theses movies often but have never gone out and actually watched one. It ended up being a great opportunity for me to understand at least a part of their appeal. In terms of writing, it had a great flow. Sentences felt natural and it often felt as if you were directly talking to me, helping me connect even more. The environmental questions you bring up are also relevant and thought provoking. « How different would the world be if we suddenly disappeared and a different species took hold? ». Overall, great blog and I would gladly read the next one.

  2. I’ve probably told you this a million times but I love your casual writing style, there is just a lot of your personality in what you write. I have never actually watched this and I’ve been on the fence about it but I think I might consider it again after reading this. I really liked how you put the severity of the situations presented to the characters into perspective in a way that even people who haven’t seen the show (such as myself) could easily piece together what is going on. This definitely kept my brain active with the little bits of relevant information and questions. Overall very enjoyable read 🙂

  3. This blog post was a good read, and I love how you did your analysis on the movie. I find it really interesting how you made connections between the movie and nature’s unpredictability and ability to adapt to new situations; this is one of the only posts I’ve read so far that talks about this, and I do think its really cool to think about. Another thing I enjoyed was how you said that the big bad monster actually ended up saving the earth, in a way. So finally for the question, do you think the producers for this movie intended to convey this message?

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