Stopping deforestation is not a birden at all!

Vibrant 'Rio 2' feathers its nest with too many plots
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Rio 2, a sequel to the Rio franchise, was released in theatres in 2014. At first glance, the movie is about reuniting the blue macaw family, but this movie holds a more powerful message. This movie has a hidden message for us environmental enthusiasts. Rio 2 talks about the human impact that leads to the « extinction » of the blue macaws.


Blu and Jewel are thought to be the last of the blue macaws living in the world, so they promptly try to repopulate. The movie starts with the introduction of their three kids, Bia, Carla, and Tiago. The chicks are slowly turning more and more into humans than birds. Jewel fears her kids losing touch of their bird side, so she suggests that they visit their place of origin, the Amazon Jungle. They quickly find out that the Amazon Jungle is filled with the once extinct blue macaw species and that their old foe Nigel is alive and hungry for revenge.

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Hidden message

The movie’s main plot is about the blue bird family trying to fit in with its predecessors, but it has a much deeper message. Rio 2 talks about a human ran corporation threatening to destroy their home with steam shovels and deforestation. Throughout the movie, Nigel seems like the real villain, but the real menace is Big Boss and his crew. Big Boss and the birds have a clash towards the end of the movie.

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Big Boss is introduced as an illegal logger, and a crook whose only goal is to make money. He does not tolerate anyone getting in his way and has no regard for the destruction of nature. The plan was to use the rain forest land to build roads and industrial plants for the cost of the extinction of the blue macaws. Big Boss was called upon by his contractor to explode and demolish a massive part of the forest to expand into new territories illegally. They intended for this whole operation to fly under the radar, but as soon as the couple releases the message about the blue macaws, he knew it would bring attention to the rain forest. This only rushes the process and the harming of the terrain. He makes it his goal to stop Linda and Tulio (the couple) from finding out about their plan by any means.

Link between the real world

The rainforest contains some huge lands which corporations will try to profit off. Many of you probably don’t know, but the blue macaw was once a species used to roam our earth, but the deforestation of their specialized habitat caused the extinction of these beautiful creatures. This last scene was created to bring attention to the plight of endangered species everywhere and the massive amount of deforestation in Brazil.

According to National Geographic, Eighty percent of Earth’s land animals and plants live in forests, and deforestation threatens species including the orangutan, Sumatran tiger, and many species of birds. Removing trees deprives the forest of portions of its canopy, which blocks the sun’s rays during the day and retains heat at night.

We should retain from this that some people don’t care for others and what huge impact they can have. The environment plays a significant effect on our lives, and yet we take it for granted. Our forest’s continuing mass destruction will catch up to us sooner or later; we should preserve and control deforestation. The countless number of creatures getting harmed in the process should also get more recognition and be studied more before jumping into cutting down trees.

Blue macaw parrot that inspired "Rio" is now officially extinct in the wild  - CBS News
Christina Capatides (2018). Blue macaw parrot that inspired « Rio » is now officially extinct in the wild [Photograph].

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  1. Hi Nithusan, I really enjoyed reading this blog of yours! It is very coherent and is very well-structured. I especially enjoyed the way you divided your blog into sections with subtitles that clearly state the topic of the paragraph. This let me understand the importance of your paragraph before even reading it which made your blog easily readable. In your last section named « Link between the real world », you spoke about how blue macaws used to roam our earth but are now officially extinct. I was wondering, since the Rio franchise is so well known, did the news of the real-life blue macaw species extinction create any kind of uproar or reaction from the Rio fans or the world in general? I would think that since the blue macaws became so famous from the movies, upon learning of their real-life extinction people would become more aware of the causes and severity of wildlife extinction which would possibly start movements or rallies to prevent them. Did you find anything on the matter?

    1. Hi Michelle, thank you for the feedback! As we all know, the movie « Rio » was targeted at younger kids, so the thought of the birds existing in our world wasn’t there or didn’t cross the mind of the younger generation. Blue sky studios knew this wouldn’t bring any attention to the matter and decided to include the scene to please environmentalists. Although the movie didn’t get much attention to the situation, the bird who inspired the film caused a slight (I’m generous when I say slight) movement to preserve the many dying breeds of birds. His name was Presley; you can read more about him in this article

  2. Hi Nithusan, I’ve watched Rio and Rio 2 probably 2000 actual times and I think you did it justice. Your information about the movie and its context were spot on and I think you covered everything there was to cover. I especially liked your section about the ties to the real world because I remember being genuinely upset after hearing for the first time that blue macaws were actually extinct. Overall this blog was spot on and was a nice look back at my old favorite movie. 😉

  3. Similarly to Parker and most people who have read this post, I really did enjoy the movie as a kid. I also think that this analysis you did was great at accomplishing 2 very important things. Not only did it bring awareness to these birds and the ecosystems they inhabit but it also managed to create a connection between me and this species. As humans, we can sympathize for the struggle of finding a home and thus the ruthless destruction of a home never leads to positive reception. I thank you for bringing this important subject to our attention. Great work

  4. Hi Nithusan, much like parker, I myself recall having watched Rio and Rio 2 countless time throughout my childhood. I loved this movie as a child, and I feel that your summary of this movie not only did it justice but also brought back many memories that were locked at the back of my brain. I also found the link between the movie and the real world that you presented to be very tragic but the reality of the situation, these birds stood no chance against the constant deforestation and threat from of poachers. I really enjoyed reading your blog and learning more about deforestation and it leading to the wild extinction of the Spix Macaws. However, i have a question for you. After having conducted some research, I have uncovered that a certain amount of domesticated Spix Macaws is going to be rereleased into the wild late 2021. My question to you is: Do you believe that these newly released Spix Macaws will survive in the wild or will poaching and deforestation once again be the cause of their demise?

  5. Hi Nithusan, I really enjoyed your blog and how you explained the link between the movie and our world. The format of your blog is also really well organized and makes the information easy to consume. You demonstrated how animals are endangered in their own homes with statistics and examples. When I first watched this movie, I truly thought Nigel was the main antagonist, but it turns out that the real villain is in fact Big Boss. You don’t really realize this as a kid since Nigel gets more screen time. I would love for you to explain how you think we can use the information from this movie to help conserve these rare endangered species. Thanks!

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