Soon nature will be Rootless

“There were dragons when I was a boy…”

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Does anyone here like dragons?!

Then you’ve probably heard of the How To Train Your Dragon franchise. To be completely honest with all of you, that title is very misleading, because even after 3 movies, 2 TV series, countless games and comics I still haven’t really understood HOW you REALLY train a dragon!!!

How to Train Your Dragon
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This franchise was a huge part of so many people’s lives which was due to the fact that HTTYD isn’t just the story of a young Viking befriending a dragon and the friendship they share or an incredibly ineffective tutorial on actually training one in real life, but it’s a franchise so consistently strong with its themes and messages. HTTYD is a coming of age story like no other and though each consecutive film had a heavy weight to carry on its shoulders, they were all successful in carrying over its themes. When it comes to the themes and messages in the movies, they mainly cover “finding yourself” in the first one, “growing up” in the second one and “letting go” in the last one, but what people don’t see is that the movie’s messages also cover real-world problems that we face ecologically.

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In the first movie, it is explained that the Vikings have been fighting this unnamed war against the dragons for centuries! They never truly knew “why” and they didn’t care for the reason either, their view of the dragons were straight forward, they saw them as hideous monsters that should be killed. Hiccup, contrarily to his people, is an ecologist who is keener on understanding his world as he is opposed to fighting it.

Scene from How to train your dragon

Hiccup’s purpose and goal throughout the movies is to keep the harmony with the dragons (nature), and that mission gets harder over time, since Hiccup’s world got much bigger ever since the quarrel between the Vikings and the dragons ended, new societies and new Vikings start appearing, which basically introduces a whole new arsenal of anti-dragon groups, who are all eager to hunt dragons for resources as they only see them as enemies.

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The Hidden World’s main plot revolved around the issue that Berk was getting overcrowded by the amount of dragons that lived there and this knowledge reaching dragon hunters. Hiccup, now as chief, and Toothless, now as alpha, both understood that for the sake of their kinds, they had to sacrifice their relationship. Even though the Berkians fully accepted dragons as one of their own, the rest of the world didn’t get to that point and still considered them demons and monsters which ultimately risks their lives. By the end of the movie, the Vikings realize that its time for them to say goodbye to the dragons and let them go into the hidden world so that they stay safe.

Scene from How to train your dragon the hidden world

“Our world doesn’t deserve you… YET.”

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
End scene of How to train your dragon the Hidden World.

“Yes, the world believes the dragons are gone, if they ever existed at all, but we Berkians know otherwise and we’ll guard the secret until the time comes when dragons can return in peace.”

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
Post credit scene of How to train your dragon the hidden world

At the end of the movie, hiccup mentions both these quotes, I personally saw these as a message telling us that it’s not too late to save our environment and that we still have time to make up for our mistakes towards nature. Hiccup’s motivation and the way he pushed and risked his life just to be able to save the dragons was a clear message to tell us that we as well should push for our desires just like him and that we should push towards a better ecological future. I feel like the HTTYD franchise is like a sort of allegory that pushes the audience to genuinely try and do something for our environmental problems. The last movie ends with a sense of hope on purpose, to show us that with enough effort, the dragons can come back (nature could be fixed and we could recover what we lost).

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  1. Hey Danny, I really appreciated this blog! I think it’s very well written and you really brought to light the connection between our world and theirs. I remember watching How To Train Your Dragon when I was younger and would have never thought it had a message linked to the environment but you’ve truly convinced me. Do you think the directors of the movie intentionally made this allegory to tell us it’s not to late to save our environment? Or was it simply a coincidence? I also really liked the way you described the important parts of the movie allowing us readers to understand your point even if we haven’t actually watched the movie. I can tell you really enjoyed HTTYD and that passion was definitely shown in your writing.

  2. Yo Danny, HTTYD is hands down my favorite Dreamworks franchise and I’ve seen every movie probably a hundred times and watched the TV show when it aired and I can’t say I really noticed its tie to the environment until now. After reading your blog (I like the Toothless pun btw ;D) it got me thinking that in the real world you can just replace dragons with birds, not every aspect obviously but as a species to be protected. I really like that you brought up the ending of HTTYD3, I’m sure you know that a lot of bird species are endangered, and to save them we simply just have to leave them on their home turf like what they do at the end of HTTYD3. Overall this blog really struck a pleasant nostalic nerve and prompted thoughts on a deeper meaning, thanks for the read!

  3. I have already seen these movies before, but I’ve never seen them the way you see them! I truly appreciate your point of view as to how the Vikings accept dragons and let them go can translate to our current environmental crisis. The franchise hasn’t been as much of a part of my life as it was for you, but I can easily see the impact it had on millions of people around the world. You describe it in great detail and you don’t let grammar mistakes get in the way of your communication of the messages. On the topic of the environmental message, I have a question for you: Do you think the directors and writers of the films had any intention of linking the environment to these movies? Or do you think they wanted it to be left open for interpretation? Other than that, I can easily say that I enjoyed reading this post and that you truly helped me to understand the story in more detail!

  4. Hey Danny! I really enjoyed reading this, it brought back so many memories from when I first saw these movies, and it made me see a new side of them that I hadn’t thought of before! It really is a fantastic franchise and honestly I might just have to rewatch it after reading this. The way you explained the themes in the movies and the way they convey them was interesting and easy to understand. Finally, do you think that the dragons in the movies could’ve been a metaphor for our environment and how we treat it?

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