One nature, one world.

The David Suzuki Foundation was founded in 1990 by the well-renowned David Suzuki with Tara Elizabeth Cullis, David’s wife. The foundation was first created in an urgent attempt to fight and spread awareness against resource depletion. It was the last attempt, which ended by sounding a worldwide alarm. When no one would, The David Suzuki foundation critiqued and fought for better rights and ministration of our finite environment. This non-governmental organization has impacted Canada and prodigiously united our country.

Our mission is to protect nature’s diversity and the well-being of all life, now and for the future. Our vision is that we all act every day on the understanding that we are one with nature.

David Suzuki Foundation

David Suzuki

David Suzuki is a preeminent environmental activist who’s worked on the issue his whole life. Suzuki’s first public debut would be when he landed the job as host and narrator of the hit show that aired on CBC Television, « The Nature Of Things »; the rest is history. David Suzuki is also known for his documentary and books, where he would often criticize the government for their lack of action to protect our environment. The lack of governmental input to preserve our nature forced Suzuki to take matters into his own hands and go on to found « The David Suzuki Foundation. » David Suzuki has since been going worldwide and joining the public against the fight against climate change by participating in protests and rallies. Even after his countless fame and fortune, he never lost sight of his mission and vision.

David Suzuki on applying COVID-19's lessons to climate change | National  Observer
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One nature

The Suzuki Foundation makes it their number one goal for people all over Canada to participate and take the initiative to change our world, one step at a time. The organization empowers people to take action in their communities on environmental challenges we collectively face. According to the foundation, the organization decides its next project » through evidence-based research, education and policy analysis, we work to conserve and protect the natural environment, and help create a sustainable Canada. » David Suzuki is devoted to preserving the diversity of our nature and our quality of life, now and for the future.

David Suzuki Foundation | Virtual Career Fair
“David Suzuki Foundation.” Virtual Career Fair, 22 Mar. 2019,

Our vision is that within a generation, Canadians will act on the understanding that we are all interconnected and interdependent with nature.

David Suzuki Foundation

Their projects

David Suzuki and his foundation have worked on countless projects, and I would like to share some of them with you.

Pesticides – Get Canada to join the global banning of neonicotinoid pesticides to save bees and other pollinators.

Orca and salmon – Call for immediate action to stop unsustainable fishing against the Chinook salmon and to reduce pollution to save the Salish Sea orcas.

Fisheries – Make fisheries sustainable on all of Canada’s oceans and in freshwater rivers and lakes.

Act on climate – Putting our economic recovery investments to ensure a better future and stable environment for all people makes good sense.

Carbon pricing – Get those who help spread greenhouse gasses to pay for the damage to crops, health care costs from heatwaves and droughts, and loss of property from flooding and sea-level rise

We’ve only scratched the bare surface of what The David Suzuki Foundation has done, but frankly, I would use all my word limit talking about all their projects.


Davis Suzuki is prominent in Canada, as well as his organization. In Canada, The David Suzuki Foundation is considered « the most credible and reliable source of evidence-based environmental information and considers us the lead organization working with government and business to resolve critical environmental issues, » according to many Canadians. Not only this, but the foundation had such a good reputation and impact that he motivated the Canadian government to take action. The David Suzuki Foundation has been working hands-on with the First Nation community to clean their water and use this perfect opportunity to dig at the Canadian government. This forced upcoming candidates to focus and spotlight their water maintenance for the First Nation community.

Shoal Lake 40 First Nation
“Cleaning up Water in First Nations Communities: Advice to Prime Minister-Designate Justin Trudeau.” David Suzuki Foundation, 25 Mar. 2021,


As a Canadian, I am so glad we have an organization like The David Suzuki Foundation watching over our environment when those who should don’t. To protect our nature, it is clear that it will rely heavily on EVERYONE and The David Suzuki Foundation’s participation and contribution makes that straightforward.

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  1. Hi Nithi!
    I just finished reading your blog and I have to say; I really enjoyed reading it, and I mean that. While I did know a bit about David Suzuki, I did not know this much. After having read your blog, I learned way more about this man and about his company and I can definitely understand why his name is so well known and so highly spoken of. I did not see any spelling mistakes in your blog, which made it extremely easy to read and very coherent. I also loved its conciseness! I have to mention! The way you use quotes in your blog to push your points and to give your blog more context is truly great and I think it is very well done! You listed off many aspects about not only him as a person but also about his company and you also talked about their achievements so far which I found quite interesting and really impressing to say the least.
    The only question I really have for you is more related to the future. By any chance, do you know what future plans the David Suzuki Foundation has in mind?

    1. Hi Danny!

      Thank you for the fantastic feedback, and I’m glad you learned a few things about the David Suzuki Foundation. About your question, « by any chance, do you know what future plans the David Suzuki Foundation has in mind? » I do know the answer to this question. The David Suzuki is well organized and one step ahead of everything. On their official website (, you can find tons of information about them and more. Lucky for you, they dedicate a whole page to upcoming plans, future projects, and goals they wanna reach, and you can find all of this information on the « Our Work » tab on their website. They plan to focus on climate change and environmental recovery due to the pandemic, from what I am reading. I hope this helped you with what you were looking for!

  2. Howdy Nithi!
    I really enjoyed reading your blog on the David Suzuki Foundation. Before your blog, I had never heard of the David Suzuki foundation but have heard of David Suzuki, but after having read your blog I can finally understand the hype that surrounds this man. The work that David Suzuki and his foundation have put into saving and preserving our environment here in Canada is incredible and I feel that you represented their work at the same level. From the use of quotes to push the vision of David Suzuki and his foundation, to lack of spelling mistakes, and even to the easy-to-read nature of your writing, you demonstrated everything that he and his foundation have accomplished with precision and clarity. Great Job!

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