Mission… Possible?

According to The Star, the environment had become the number one concern ahead of the federal election in 2019. With this topic becoming more and more important to the general population, Canadian political parties have all established clear environmental plans to combat the challenge. As we all know, the Green party has been the biggest advocate of the environment, given the “Green” name. With that said, I will be evaluating the federal environmental plan of the Green party of Canada.

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The entire plan is based around a 20-step action plan called “Mission: Possible” that has been released already. The platform says a Green government would pass into law a Climate Change Act that would require a 60-per-cent cut in emissions below 2005 levels by 2030, doubling the current 30 percent target. The platform offers a vision of a Canada in 2030 where homes and businesses are all powered by renewable energy, all new vehicles and public transit and passenger ferries are electric and most food is locally sourced. They would increase bus service to rural areas, purchase electric buses, make employer-provided bus passes tax-free and add to low-emissions transportation in cities such as bike lanes and pedestrian infrastructure.

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This plan has presented a very perfect future for our country which may not be attainable in a single decade. Many of the 20 goals in the plan are out of reach which gives their plan less credibility. I did however admire the way they intend to include the nation as a whole to tackle the challenge. In the plan, they state: « Engage every municipality and community organization, as well as every school and university to step up and plant trees, install solar panels, heat pumps, assist in retrofitting buildings to maximize energy efficiency. » This approach in my opinion helps unify the country over such a huge challenge as the one we’re facing. This plan gives us the sense of the magnitude of the changes we’d need to see in the foreseeable future to overcome climate change and to meet international goals. 

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Although the plan is very optimistic and has many positives to take away from it, Mission: Possible proposes a radical transformation of Canada’s economy in a frighteningly short period of time. The probability of these propositions becoming reality in 10 years is unfortunately very unrealistic. Although climate change is at crisis-level importance, Canada will not destroy its economy for the environment. We need to find the right balance between the two sides.


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5 réflexions au sujet de “Mission… Possible?”

  1. Hi William, I really liked reading this blog post! It is precise, informative, and easy to read. I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of the green party, but I didn’t really know anything about their climate change plan until now. I also liked how you gave your opinion and explained why their objectives are not realistic. I think it really puts into perspective what our priorities should be. Do you think that these objectives would be attainable if we had more time, or do you think that people still don’t care enough to make it happen?

    1. Hi Genevieve, thanks for the comment! In my opinion, the Green Party’s environmental plan would be possible on a longer time frame. As I said, I don’t believe these objectives are attainable in 10 years but are entirely possible over the course of maybe 20 years or so. I think the Green Party should try to ease the population in the right direction instead of proposing a complete change in the way most people are living. I think the population cares about the environment, as it has become the number one concern amongst Canadians, but not enough to abide by what the Green Party is proposing.

  2. Hello Weist,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog on the green party plan. Your blog was very well written, with little to no spelling mistakes and it was easy to read and comprehend. Prior to your blog, I knew very little about the green party other than the fact that they aimed to improve Canada’s environmental plans. I do believe that one day Canada will shift towards a greener economy but as you said, the sudden radical transformation which they propose would be very hard to include amid our current situation. Knowing all this, how long do you think it will take Canada to shift towards a greener economy?

  3. Hi William! This blog was really well structured which made reading it very enjoyable. The content was very pertinent, and your vocabulary was rich and well thought out. I’ve never really looked into the Green party; all I knew about them was that based on their name, they most likely had eco-friendly goals. I am happy to now know more about them, they have very ambitious goals which I like. I am wondering though, was the plan to cut down the emissions by 60% created recently or back in 2005? If it was created in 2005 and was a 25-year plan, where are we at with it now? Have we been successful in dropping the emissions by even 5-10%? However, if the plan was created more recently, do you think that maybe the Green party chose such a high percentage to scare people and companies into making big changes knowing that the emissions realistically wouldn’t drop that low so fast? Or do you think they honestly believe that such a drop could be possible in 10 years? Lastly, you said that “Canada will not destroy its economy for the environment » but, realistically the destruction of our earth would inevitably take down humans and the economy with it. With this in mind, I am curious to know whether or not you think they should go ahead and attempt to restore nature even though they risk damaging the economy in the process?

  4. Hi William,
    Your blog was very well written and wasn’t too long, which makes it easy to follow. I enjoyed reading the different policies that they plan to create. You often hear about different environmental policies that cost trillions of dollars and would completely change our economy. So how would we be able to reform our system to host these policies. Or should we find a compromise and only instill a few of them?

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