The Hidden Truth of Theatre

The art of theatre is ancient and dates all the way back to ancient Greece (6 BC). Theatre was a delicacy enjoyed by royalty and the rich. As different civilizations discovered this art, they took it and changed it, and made versions of their own. Theatre has changed ever since the days in Ancient Greece in many ways.

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When you hear the word « theatre » perhaps you imagine live performance plays or maybe you imagine a movie theatre. Theatre can be interpreted in many different ways, and after this blog your whole view on theatre will change. So buckle up, because this is about to get good!

Let’s explore the word « theatre » itself. The definition of theatre is: « the activity or profession of acting in, producing, directing, or writing plays. » So now we have another question… what does the word « play » mean? Well in the context we’re using it, it means « a dramatic work for the stage or to be broadcasted. » Here is an interesting example of how theatre has changed with time, from being live only, to now including broadcasting using modern tech.

After discovering this, I realized something… theatre hasn’t been dying, it’s been growing! Getting bigger than ever before. If you think about it, a show or a movie is just a broadcasted play. It is a group of performers telling a story written in a script directed towards an audience. There are many similarities between a movie and a play, and differences are found in the way in which it’s viewed and the techniques, programs and strategies used to create it.

The reason film production nowadays feels so disconnected from live-action plays is because we have advanced filming techniques that couldn’t be used back when theatre was first created. CGI, Green screen, special effects, etc. Are all examples of advanced filming techniques we use to enhance and create a more believable and immersive theatrical experience. The truth is that modern films and shows are not any less emotional and sentimental than live performances, in fact, they may be even more emotional because the viewers believe and connect with these modern films more than they would a play.

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Phil Caspian movie poster and Phil caspian play.

That’s not to say that the old fashion theater isn’t enjoyable, it’s fun to go and watch a play once in awhile but it’s also more practical to stream a movie or show from my phone or computer.

In conclusion, theatre has not become irrelevant, it has grown and adapted to our new technologies and new ways of living. Why would a « movie theatre » be called a movie theatre if movies weren’t considered theatre? Theatre has evolved from live monologues and man-made props to CGI-created on-screen explosions and exhilarating action scenes. It has evolved like many other things, just because we drive cars instead of carriages, does that mean carriages aren’t vehicles? That is why I believe theatre still exists today and is still explored in many different ways.

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  1. Hi Jackson, I enjoyed reading this; your perspective makes a lot of sense and I agree with the points you stated. Your blog post is very well written and I had no trouble understanding your point of view. You explained your arguments very well, and the metaphor with cars and carriages at the end really sold it. My question is, do you think theatre will ever become irrelevant? Or will it continue to be an important part of our culture?

    1. Hey Genny,

      I’m glad you enjoyed my blog and understand my points. No, I don’t think theatre will ever become irrelevant. It’s become far too important in our culture and everyday lives. Everyone watches movies and TV either to pass the time, spend time with family or friends, or even just as background noise, a miracle would have to happen for theatre to become irrelevant in our society.

  2. Hey Jackson,

    I think you have a very interesting take on theatre in your hands. I never really considered that a play is a dramatic work that can be broadcasted. I’ve always envisioned it as a live action type of work. However, I believe you have really strong and clear points. In your conclusion, for example, I really liked your rhetorical question « Why would a movie theatre be called a movie theatre if movies weren’t considered theatre? ». I must agree that modern films and shows are most likely more emotional than live performances. The mix of green screen and special effects, as well as different shot angles and settings definitely enhance the connection between the viewers and the media. Personally, I’ve cried while watching a movie but never while watching a play. If theatre has evolved from live action plays to on screen movies, what do you think will be the next « version » of theatre to come in the future?


    1. Hi Lucie,

      I also never really thought of movies and TV as theatre until I dug a little deeper, it really blew my mind. As for your question, I feel as though the next step in theatre development is virtual theatre experience or first person movie experience. It may be because of the fact we used the VR in class lately but imagine if you could enter a movie and be apart of it, imagine seeing a movie like avengers and feeling like it’s really happening right around you. They already kind of have stuff like this but if they could grow on that and implement it into average day life, that would be a huge step in theatre development.

  3. Hey Jackson, I really liked the connection you made between old fashioned plays and modern day movies. Nevertheless, I still don’t completely agree with your statement. In my definition, plays are live shows with actors and actresses acting out a story in front of a live audience. On the other hand a movie is a pre-taped showing of actors and actresses acting out a story. The clear difference is the « live » aspect. To me, a film is not theatre and theatre is not a film. Although films have evolved from theatre, I don’t believe they could ever be considered the same thing.

    1. Hey William,

      I can see why you don’t agree with my opinion, it’s true that the live aspect changes the effect of theatre completely but I feel as though it could just be another category within theatre. Perhaps Movies and plays aren’t the exact same thing, but what if they are just different categories of theatre? Like how a car and a bike are not the same but are still both considered vehichles.

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