Theatre sucks

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Yeah I said it. Theatre is a poor man’s cinema. I doubt that anyone still attend plays unless they own a senior citizen’s card or are in high school . It’s not the greatest combination ever. Trust me, I know from experience. Movies just do everything better. Better visuals, music, actors, etc. They generate more attention because they’re more entertaining. Nowadays, you can watch a movie on your phone while waiting for your plane, so movies are also way more accessible. The only way to really experience a play is live, and that can be a bit of a bother. They’re only in 1 specific location and only a few times per year. The actors can’t perform at 30 locations at the same time so finding seats for these plays could be troublesome and expensive.

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A big reason why I think theatre is irrelevant is because it’s main audience is starting to die out. As I said before, the main group of people who seek out plays are older citizens. Younger generations are interested in more stimulating pieces of entertainment, like YouTube videos, video games and social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. These are all way more accessible than old plays that came out centuries ago. As older generations start to die out, so will theatres and plays. There’s also a huge lack of advertisement for plays. I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve seen an ad for any sort of play. The last thing I can think of is an ad for a Harry Potter play a few years ago. Meanwhile, you see advertisement for movies every single day. This makes it so more people go out to watch movies, rather than hear about a play from a friend or see it on some billboard.

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I think that the only way to keep theatre alive is to continue studying them in class. The only plays I’ve read or watched were at school or on a school trip. Some of them turned out to be pretty memorable, but I still wouldn’t go view a play because of the many better and more accessible options I listed. I’d say that one way to bring back plays would be to use themes you see in successful movies nowadays, but watching a superhero play would be pretty cringeworthy in my opinion. In conclusion, I believe that theatre is irrelevant to the public, but will still stay relevant to those who study literature.

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  1. Hi Imtiaz,
    I really liked your blog, your title definitely caught my attention! I feel like you brought up some pretty good points notably the lack of advertising for plays as well as the fact that movies are much more convenient. My only question is, do you think your opinion of plays will change when you are older (a senior citizen)?

  2. Hey Imtiaz,
    This is a really hot take that I pretty much see eye to eye with, you really just said what you thought about plays in general and I respect that a lot. It was very quick and straight to the point and honestly just a really fun read. My question is, how many years until you think theater will die out as a means of entertainment?

  3. Hey Imti,
    I really enjoyed your unfiltered point of view on theatre, and I somewhat agree with your controversial opinion. I’ve never understood the hype behind theatre. While I still understand the appeal to go watch a play, as you said, movies just do what theatre does but better. Do you believe there’s a way to bring theatre back into the spotlight? Or do you think movies will forever be the principal source of entertainment?

    1. Hi William,
      I’m glad that you enjoyed my blog and took time to comment on it. I thought that talking about the subject very casually would fully demonstrate my viewpoint. In my opinion, there is no chance that theatre surpasses movies in popularity. Kids and Teenagers are always going to prefer action packed entertainment, which is really only popular in movies and shows. I feel like plays are more of an acquired taste, so not a lot of youth are going to be seeking out plays if they aren’t already accustomed to them. For your second question, I think that shows and animes are the principal source of entertainment. People are starting to get even shorter attention spans, so they prefer digesting their entertainment piece by piece. People only go out to watch movies a few times per year, and I believe there’s a lot more people watching shows than movies at home. Animes are also becoming a lot more appealing to younger audiences. Not a lot of people used to watch anime 10 years ago, and now almost everyone does. At least the people my age do. So I think that shows and animes are and are going to continue to be the principal source of entertainment.

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