Presentations are getting interesting

With the number of projects and oral presentations we’ve been given this semester, it became almost second nature that we change up how we present our ideas and research. Having been taught how to properly present, gave me a lot of insight on how to spice up my presentations and I think I am going to use these strategies for the rest of my years as a student and possibly beyond.

Starting with research, this part has already been talked about a lot in one of my previous blogs « Filmmaker – Editing » and I use those strategies to this day. Having an organized research strategy makes gathering information almost seamless. Making that information presentable both visually and audibly is key for delivering the information you’ve gathered to an engaged audience. The entire point of the presentation is to educate your peers on a certain subject so if they lose focus, there is no point. There has to be a good contrast between what you say and what is shown in the presentation to keep both you and your audience from reading too much.

On to the oral presentation itself, like I previously mentioned you want to avoid reading as much as possible. Reading while giving an oral presentation is a sure way to bore your audience and also gives you room to mess up in a way that can easily be avoided. If you spend your whole presentation reading, your audience is essentially ingesting the information twice both audibly and visually. The best way in my opinion to avoid this is making bullet points, knowing what you are talking about, and referring back to your points only when needed but above all keep a steady pace.

We also have to keep in mind the different types of presentations, we’ve done PowerPoints, videos, speeches, etc… They are all different types of presentations with different ways to present each of them. My personal favorite being videos because it gives more creative liberties and just generally feels better to make because video making is a fun pastime of mine. Video projects have a whole process to them and are very easy to get right as you can always do as many takes needed. The main thing that differentiates them is that you aren’t put on the spot to present and that you can present something that you are sure has been done to the best of your abilities. The other types of presentations are pretty straight forward and we’ve done them the most and I don’t think they really merit an explanation as I’m sure everyone reading this knows but one thing I can say with 100% confidence is that we are all benefitting from these presentation strategies and are making far better presentations because of it.

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  1. Hi, Parker!
    You raise very valid points about presentation. It’s important to be able to easily access, understand, and relay information. Without a proper understanding of such, it’s difficult to make a speech convincing. It’s also important to vary audio and visual flare to maintain the audience’s engagement. Like you said, It’s also important to consider what kind of presentation you are offering to adapt your strategies accordingly. As someone who indulges in video-making as well, I’d like to know how you keep yours interesting and engaging. I think it would it would be cool to get another videographer’s input on the medium.

    Aside from a couple of moments where you don’t quite develop your thoughts as much as I had wished, I noticed that you repeat words often and sometimes write sentences with dodgy structure.

    « …gave me a lot of insight on how to spice up my presentations and I think I am going to use these strategies for as long as I make presentations. »
    « Making that information presentable both visually and audibly is key for delivering the information you’ve gathered in a way that people will be interested in what you say. »

    Look out for word repetition and re-read sentences. Oftentimes, if it feels weird to say, it’s probably a good call to re-write it. Other than that, the blog was an insightful look into what makes a good presentation! Keep it up!

  2. Hi Parker! I agree with all the points you raised and that these skills will truly benefit all of us for many years to come. Even after high school and university, we can use the presentation skills in our jobs to present an idea to our coworkers. I can also agree with you when you say that you have more liberty in video projects, as you can do many takes and get it right. There were a few moments where some sentences seemed a bit wordy, but they don’t distract too much from understanding your point. If you improve on the small details in sentences, your blogs will flow just a bit smoother. Besides that, I enjoyed the points you raised about how we can spice things up in our presentations and keep the audience’s attention. I have one question for you: which strategy would you say is the most important one for oral presentations and one that you will use the most?

  3. Hi Parker, nice article. You had many points that were valid and you took what we learned in class and put them into practice. You also made presentations seem like a 2 way street between you and your audience and that their experience matters most. These are concepts to live by while making presentations and I’m glad you so eloquently presented them.

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