Public Speaking: Cringe or Based?

Oral presentations, are, unfortunately, an essential part of every student’s life. It is necessary for everyone to learn how to speak out loud in front of a group and share information in a way that is efficient and easy to understand. There are, of course, many different skills that go into an oral presentation; volume and clarity of voice, visual support and body language are all good examples. On top of that, these types of presentations come in many different forms, such as a sale pitch, a scientific report, a speech, a political debate and many more.

I think it’s pretty easy to tell that I’m not a huge fan of oral presentations, but during our time in Boussole, we’ve done our fair share of them. I definitely have a lot to improve on when it comes to public speaking, and that’s exactly what I’ll be talking about in this blog post.

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In all honesty, I’m pretty terrible at oral presentations, but you probably all knew that already. I can never seem to talk loud enough, and my voice keeps shaking, and I keep fidgeting with the hem of my shirt and it’s just a disaster all around. On top of that, I often end up reading off of the presentation (or that’s what it feels like, at least). All in all, there is a lot I need to improve on. Something that I believe I can do quite well, however, is the formatting in the visual support, like a power point, for example. I think I’m pretty good at keeping the text short enough and organizing the slides, even though I still need to improve on that a little. I’m also pretty good at not making mistakes while talking, even though I tend to repeat myself a lot and trip over my words.

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Now of course, it’s obvious that I have a lot of work to do. But I think if I take it one step at a time, I can improve a little over time. First off, my main goal is to be able to get through one sentence without stuttering. I think the main thing to do here would just be to practice until I’m comfortable with my script. Second, I’d really like to make my visual support more engaging for the audience. I can do this by eliminating more text and adding pictures, diagrams, or other interesting elements. Third, I really need to talk louder during my presentations. I get told this every time a project involves public speaking, and yet I can never talk loud enough, no matter how hard I try. I think this is just a skill I need to develop, and the best way to do that is just plain old practice.

In conclusion, I honestly really don’t like public speaking. It makes me nervous and stressed and is all around just not a good time. However, I recognize that it is an important part of life, which is why we do it in the first place. I know what I need to improve, and I’ve set goals to do just that, so hopefully I can get better at oral presentations in the future.

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  1. Very compelling article! Most people who went with this topic (including me..) kind of covered it generally. You decided to talk about your personal experiences, your problems, and how you plan on fixing them. It really puts the personality back into the blog, as many of us are admittedly forgetting to do.
    While all your points were agreeable, I’d like to know, from you, what you think is the best vibe is to go for during a presentation. Do you think comedy is more engaging? Passion? Obviously, it depends on the topic of the presentation… Let’s say you’re presenting something casual and non-controversial, what’s your go-to vibe and why?

  2. Eyoo Gennniny, wassup!?
    I just have to say, first of all, that I really like your title and think it’s just brilliant!!! It definitely made me laugh for a good while to be completely honest with you. One thing I really liked and appreciated about your blog was the fact that it was real and had your personality in it, your opinion on the subject shone throughout the blog, making sure the reader understood it and took it in. What made this part of your blog even better was the fact that your opinion is shared by a crazy amount of students. With such a wildly shared opinion, your blog was immediately captivating and interesting to read. Not only was it fun to see your choice of wording in some places, such as « unfortunately », and the way you described your experience with these presentations, but it was also very realistic, which made it even better. You also presented your strengths and weaknesses with presentations, which were very well done. You even talked about how you could improve your weaknesses, which is actually really good! All in all, I found your blog very interesting and definitely captivating, to say the least.
    With Covid-19 becoming a norm in our lives, do you think that the difficulties of presenting have changed, that new weaknesses have emerged?

  3. Hey Geneviève,

    As always, I enjoyed reading your blog! I like how you structured it and kept it simple for readers. You are probably aware of this, but I too am not a fan of oral presentations. I truly hate them with a passion and dread having to present them in front of other people. But as you mentioned, they allow us to develop public speaking qualities that we require. I think it’s important that we identify our strengths and weaknesses in oral presentations, especially as students, to become even better communicators. These past couple of years, we’ve learned what makes a good presenter (not reading your presentation, knowing your subject, …). In your opinion, is there strategy or quality that is more important than others when it comes down to public speaking? Also, so many people struggle with oral presentations. Why do you think this is?


  4. A very strong article, had a great experience while reading it. Your language is clear and concise and the points you address really suit the topic. However, my favorite aspect is definitely how you explained each point by using personal experiences. I feel a lot of people enjoyed that about this article because once more, I felt it wasn’t an info dump. It felt more as if I was talking to a real genuine person and I always appreciate and have a desire to comment on articles such as those. Great work!

  5. Hey Genny,
    I really enjoyed your blog about public speaking. We all have some difficulty when it comes to communication, public speaking, and making presentations, in one way or another. I personally believe that practicing is the only way we can get better at these, and really putting ourselves out there. I think the goals you’ve set are perfect for you, and this blog has inspired me to set my own public speaking goals, as I always stutter like Porky the pig.

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