Fast food networks play such a sustainable part in our societal development. According to FOXBusiness, fast food service provides meals to 50 million people everyday. Many rely on fast food for their fast, cheap, and filling ministration. With such a significant impact on our societal structure, you would hope that most, or even all, care for going green. We do not live in a perfect world, and restaurants are making minimal efforts to transition to a greener future. One fast-food chain that is dominating and setting an example as a green fast-food chain is A&W. In the past 5 to 10 years, A&W has accomplished a lot, such as becoming the first fast food with a plant-based diet and providing environmentally friendly articles.

Lunch at A and W, or How to Be a Canadian Lesson 6 | Girl With a Dog and  Good Shoes
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Restaurants go through an abundance of food waste daily, but unlike others, A&W ensures that that won’t happen. Back in 2016, A&W teamed up with the notorious National Zero Waste Council, well known for teaming up with governments, businesses, and non-governmental organizations to reduce waste in Canada. NZWC (National Zero Waste Council) helps the fast-food chain create large food donations, green packaging and green product designs, and also compost management with the waste acquired daily.


A&W serves around more than 133 million customers annually, sending away millions and millions of packaging away with those people. Luckily for us, the people who run A&W thought of everything. Ordering from the breakfast option or any of their plated meals will now be served on a real ceramic plate with stainless steel cutlery. Because of this big switch, from paper plates and plastic cutlery to less harmful material, 121 000 kilograms of waste is saved each year. They’ve also created an ergonomic and green coffee sleeve. This sleeve design allows you, the customer, to keep safe from the heat of the coffee while also reducing the waste production. Comparably to their old sleeve design, the smaller and more compact design allows A&W to ship 28% fewer pallets per year as part of their carbon footprint reduction. If you were to hear A&W, you would most likely think rootbeer. They are infamously known for their rootbeer floats and their engagement on rootbeer day. You might’ve noticed their conversion towards glass floats rather than plastic floats. Switching to this material rather than plastic allows A&W to save 148 000 kilograms of waste and landfills which is saving more than 4 300 trees annually.

A&W Coupons: Any Size Coffee for $1.00, Bacon & Egger Combo for $4.99, Mama  Burger Combo for $4.99 + More! - RedFlagDeals.com
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Energy can be a lethal weapon against our environment. The best green option would be to use a renewable source of energy. A&W solely relies on 100% renewable natural gas, created by their waste. They create biogas from their agricultural waste, organic waste, and wastewater treatment facilities. They have won numerous awards for completing such achievements such as the FortisBC Efficiency in Action Award. This award highlights a business with a top-of-the-line energy-saving plan.


A&W is committed to giving you the freshest of products from their farms. Their soil is maintained in a way to cater towards the environment but also freshness. A&W’s farm, Church Brothers Farms, rotates produce grown on their land to keep soil nutrients rich and diverse in quality. If a product is deemed not garden-fresh, it is cut up and returned right back into the soil, enriching the ground for the next crop.

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Fast-food chains have a bigger impact on society than you might’ve thought, catering to millions and millions of people daily. With such a big number of people using these services daily, it is with utmost importance that everyone plays their part to make sure our ecosystem doesn’t get damaged by the poor waste management.


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  1. Wassup Nithi!
    I learned a whole lot while reading this blog of yours to be honest. I have yet to try A&W or their beyond meat burger but reading this blog makes me really want to try them out and support them!! It was actually really surprising to me that an actual fast-food chain was putting effort to save the environment and not just make profit, it really baffled me. I liked the way you organized your blog as it made it clear and comprehensible too. All in all, great blog, very few mistakes and great content!
    Would you think that A&W could inspire other fast-food chains to do similar actions to save the environment?

    1. Hi Danny, I am thrilled you enjoyed my blog. To answer your question, yes! I absolutely think that A&W can inspire other fast-food chains to follow the same environmental path as them. In addition, A&W has gained lots of publicity from the media due to their environmental justice, bringing them even more customers. Like you have mentioned, just from knowing their environmental plan, you would go out and try out one of their burgers to support them. Business is business, and at the end of the day, everyone wants more customers. So not only would this benefit the planet, but this would also benefit fast-food chain services around the world.

  2. Hi Nithusan,
    I was already aware that A&W was “greener” than other fast-food chains, but it was uplifting to know more about them. I really liked how you broke the different aspects of their commitment into little paragraphs, which made it easier to follow along. Aside from a few noticeable spelling mistakes, I enjoyed reading your blog and I have this question to ask you: do you know about their CO2 emissions, if they have any that are worth mentioning?

    1. Hi Shazib, thanks for reading my blog! A&W prevents and makes sure to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible. Their entire company is run by renewable gas, a substitute for carbon gas. They have also joined forces with Fortis BC Green Leader, a lead company helping many become carbon neutral, to assure that everything energy-wise is green friendly.

  3. Hey NIthusan,
    I really liked your blog about A&W and environmental plans. I never really realized how big of an environmental impact fast food chains had, and had certainly not known that A&W was doing so good on that end. It truly amazes me what a company can do when it sets its eyes on a specific goal, especially one as big as a fast food chain.

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