Build-a-bear, build a healthy environment

Build-a-Bear "Pay-Your-Age Day" - Details, Costs, and Date 2019 Build-a-bear workshop

We all know build-a-bear. The magical workshop where you get to make your own bestfriend! You get to build and customize a bear to your liking. I had many build-a-bears as a kid and I loved them. But build-a-bear isn’t only great because of the bears, it’s great because they love helping out the community and supporting different charities and the environment.

Build-a-bear is best known for donating bears to kids in hospitals and in the make a wish foundation. But what’s less known is that build-a-bear also donates money to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund.)

Build-a-bear has a collection of bears called the Collectibears. They are special stuffed animals that are sold and they represent endangered species like Zebras and rhinos. And for every Collectibear that they sell, they donate 1$ to the WWF. Build-a-bear was funded in 1997 but didn’t start working with WWF until 2000 and as of 2008, they had donated over 1.8 million dollars to them.

Not only that, in 2008. Build-a-bear partnered with the arbor day foundation and planted 245 000 trees in North America. They also donated 5000$ to the foundation.

See the source image Arbor day foundation

So if you’re wondering why build-a-bears are so expensive and overpriced… It’s because they donate so much money to so many different organizations for so many different things.

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  1. Hi Jackson,
    You chose a fascinating topic! I always wanted to go to build-a-bear as a kid but never got the chance. Knowing that profits made off those bears go to environmental charities and the less fortunate charities is fantastic. You had a good structure on your blog, I admit it was short, but you managed to convey so much information. I would like to know If you own any Collectibears?

  2. Hi Jackson,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog! It was short and simple yet expressive and you got your point across. I never knew how much build-a- bear contributed to this world. Does Build-A-Bear regularly advertise that it donates to charity or helps the environment? Do you think they should broadcast what they do more? I for one didn’t know they were doing more than just selling expensive stuffed animals, but if I had known what they were doing with that money, I think I would have bought more from them.

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