During the second semester, students follow 4 courses like any other student. However, the topics under study are integrated together and learnt through projects and inquiry. The Boussole students spend the whole day together in one room and have only two teachers. The integration of the material eliminates the boundaries that normally exist between courses and increases the effectiveness of learning.

Boussole students will earn the following 4 credits during the 2nd semester of grade 11:

  • SCH3U or 4C – Chemistry, University or College Preparation
  • EAE3U or 3C – English, University or College Preparation
  • TGJ3M – Communication Technology, University/College Preparation
  • PLF4M – Recreation Leadership, University/College Preparation
    • Please note: This level 4M course can be counted towards admission to either University or College post-secondary programs. To be eligible to take this course, students must have completed a physical education credit in Grade 9 or 10.

As well, students must complete 2 cooperative education credits prior to graduation. The placement must be with an employer in the environmental industry. These can be completed at one of three times:

  • Summer before Boussole (between Grade 10 and Grade 11)
  • Summer immediately after Boussole (between Grade 11 and Grade 12)
  • During their Grade 12 year

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