How to Participate

Registration for 2023-2024 is now open. Please read all of the information below and then…

Click here to access the admissions application form. (Only available in French)

Registration Process

One of the teachers responsible for the program, Mathieu Morin, will visit the Grade 10 courses in early December to introduce the program and explain the application process.

Interested students will be asked to complete a questionnaire. The purpose of the questionnaire is to allow the teachers to become better acquainted with the student and assess the student’s motivation to participate in the program. Depending on the results of the questionnaire, it is possible that the teachers conduct a follow-up interview with the student. The teachers will then consult with the students other teachers, guidance and administration to conduct a full assessment of the student’s suitability of the program. Offers of admission will be delivered to students by the end of January. Successful students will then have to choose their Grade 11 courses based on the Boussole semester requirements during the annual course selection period in February.

In order to promote a sense of community and to offer a high quality program, enrollment in this program will be limited however the exact number of participants may vary from year to year.

Fees and participation requirements

To better understand how to manage challenges related to the environment and how to appreciate its role in our lives, we believe that hands-on and experiential learning is essential. Boussole’s goal is to be outside the classroom walls for at least 1/3 of the semester, whether in the schoolyard, adjacent forest or off the school grounds . We also try to expose students to a variety of experts in the field to help them discover career opportunities and build their network.

Each year, we aim to complete two 4-5 day trips – a snowshoe winter trip early in the semester to kick off the program and a backcountry camping trip to end the program in May / June. In addition, some activities / outings will sometimes require the student to arrive early at school or stay after school. Boussole students should be prepared to participate in these trips and be flexible with regards to the outings that will be made during the semester. A list of all planned outings will be provided approximately one month before the start of the program.

The school receives some funding from the Ministry for each student participating in the SHSM program, which will allow us to cover some costs associated with the Boussole semester. We also have at school the majority of the equipment required for our outings. The student will be required to provide a sleeping bag, hiking boots and / or appropriate clothing / boots for an outdoor winter trip.

If needed, to supplement these funds, we may conduct fundraisers before the start of the Boussole semester. Ultimately, in order to keep the program free for students, the total number and the nature of the programs field trips will be decided based on the funds raised and the funding received from the Ministry.

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