First aid training – should it be mandatory for all citizens of Canada?

Appaling the thought may be, sadly, facts remains that accidents happens at anymoment without warning. Experiencing it as a bystander, is not pleasant because of what u see on the scene. you cannot be a helpless witness, since simply standing by can potentially worsen the situation. This is why it’s important to have at least a basic knowledge of first aid. So yes, it sould be mandatory for all canadiens to be certified in first aid.

First of all, Canada has a population going up to 40 million ! Comparing this population to others country, we can conclude that we are small population. So i think it wouldn’t be hard for us citizens to learn and be certified in first aid. We’re known for our touristic site concerning the environment, we Canadians and people from foreign countries come to explore and do all sort of activities but reminder that in everything we do there’s danger involved. And finding medical help on those site is no that easy and not effective, that’s why if canadians citizens follows the first aid formation there would be less critical cases or control the situation before the real emergency come making their job easier and saving the person before it become something else worse. What make the first aid so important is that it gives the person (civils) the chance to save a life because Each year, injuries leave 47,000 Canadians either partially or totally disabled. Also it contributes for the country to save a lot of money because injuries cost the Canadian economy more than $8.7 billion each year.

if canadians citizens get certified in first aid, we will have a country super healthy because there would be less disabilities and death. Plus if you think about it, we can usefull to other country and upgrade our services for the humanity! First aid should be mandatory!

Affects of the legend Muhammad Ali

when u think about an athlete who had a huge influence by expressing his thoughts verbally. You wouldn’t dare forget too mention The greastest boxer of all-time and social activist Muhammad ali  (Cassius Clay). one of many taskes in leadership is to be confident.  Muhammad sense of leadership is about confidence which was affective in sport society and social society.

Joie de Mohamed Ali (USA) – Championnat du Monde 1976 – 24.05.1976 

Muhammad Ali is know as a legend in the sport of boxing . He ended his career with 56 wins ( 37 KOs) and 5 losses. he’s considered has a legend because he changed the style of the boxing game. Until Muhammad Ali, heavyweights were not expected to move quickly. At his peak, however, Ali was the fastest and arguably the most skillful heavyweight champion of all time. He danced around the ring with his arms sometimes dangling at his side, his legs ready to take him into punching range or out of harm’s way at will. Those kind of abilities that he had made him terrific.

A leadership trait that Muhammad Ali had in his soul was the effectiveness of communication. Muhammad used a method that Grabbed people attention, which is  the »trash talk » method. Ali had a message of black pride and vehement resistance to white supremacy. Embedded with his Islamic teachings, Ali was publicly outspoken and unapologetic in his beliefs on race. He opened the door for many black athletes to be able to express their beliefs today.

Another trait that Ali showed was engagement.  after retirement, Ali was constantly fighting to make the world a better place. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1984, he created the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center in Phoenix, Arizona. The center helps to raise awareness and funds for the disease that affects up to 10 million people worldwide. He went on a « goodwill tour » to make an impact abroad. It included delivering $1.2 million in medical aid to Cuba and delivering food and supplies to children in Mexico and various African countries.

Without a doubt, Ali’s phenomenal athleticism and activism solidified his place in history as « The Greatest. »